Biodynamic® Vine Finder

Want to find more wines from Demeter certified Biodynamic® vines?

Expand your options with 150+ more wines made from certified Biodynamic vines. These vintners certify their vineyards (but not the wines).

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What’s the difference?

Many producers certify the vineyard – but not the wine – meaning they have more options in the cellar (no restrictions on yeast, sulfites from 0 to 350 ppm, etc.) but the vines are grown according to the same Demeter farming standards.

These wineries can talk about Biodynamic certified vineyards on their web sites but you won’t find any Demeter logos or Biodynamic language on the wine labels. Call them the stealth wines.

This app lists all of these certified vine-made wines – or at least that is how the vintners are representing these wines.

A number of these wines come from estates with all Biodynamic vineyards.

Many have not certified the wines because they’ve felt there hasn’t been enough consumer interest in Biodynamic certification to make it worth their while. (Hopefully – with your help – that will change).

Some of these wines are available at your local wine shop or grocery store; you can also order them directly from the winery.


Wines in this app: 157


Wineries in this app: 49


Wines rated 90+ pts.: 53 (a third of the wines)


Wines that cost $25 or less: 47