Explore the World of Biodynamic Wine

Introducing: our new series of classes and tours based on Biodynamic vines and wines. Have fun learning about what’s special about this style of farming and winemaking and who the top producers are.

First Class Launches April 24

Introduction to Biodynamic Wines, April 24, Oakland, 1-4 pm ($50)

In a smalBiodynamic Vine Finder Label Viewl group setting, you’ll learn about:

• What makes Biodynamic vineyards special
• Who makes wines from Biodynamic vines in Washington, Oregon and California
• What the different certification types tell consumers (i.e. how to find additive-free wines, for example)
• Regions where Biodynamics is more popular (and why)
• Where the best wines are

We will taste different varietal wines from producers across many regions.

Summer Tours Start in May

• Biodynamically Sonoma: Farm to Table Olive Oil and Wine in Dry Creek Valley

• Biodynamically Sonoma: Sonoma’s Best Cabs

• Biodynamically Sonoma: The Pinot Noir Tour

• Biodynamically Napa: The Cabernet Tour

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Have you heard about Biodynamic wines but you’re not quite sure what they are all about?

Or are you a wine connoisseur in search of Biodynamic wines?

Learn more about Biodynamic wines and find all of them in this first and only guide to wines from Biodynamic vines in the U.S.



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